Saturday, February 27, 2010

take me down to the action city where the carpet's green & the mice are pretty

Today's recommendation is simple, but probably rather pricey. It is Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Furniture.

I suppose my purchase of this item makes me into an official, card-carrying cat lady: it's true, dear readers. The most expensive piece of furniture I now own is for my cats. It is called "action city" though in my cats' case, I think "inaction city" would be more likely. That is, they like to nap there.

In a futile effort to get some of my deposit back when I move out next year, and to get more work done (involving less shooing-away of cats), I invested in this pricey living room accent piece. After a less-harrowing than expected 45 minutes with a socket wrench - with a brief interlude during which I looked up "how to use a socket wrench" on the Internet (don't laugh!), we action city. I half - expected them to be asleep in the box, but that was not the case. Both my fuzzy freeloaders were playing on it instantly. They are both having fun. I can't seem to link directly to my pictures, but here you will find a representative image of Boris enjoying a very expensive surface.

If the semester releases its vise grip from my throat, I will be back soon with more recommendations. Thanks for your patience, delightful blog readers!


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