Thursday, April 16, 2009

all alone in a room following lines on maps

Good morning, Internet. Today's post will necessarily be short, due to my getting far behind, or at least, feeling far behind, in my task of writing papers. So, this post will not be tl;dr. Rejoice!

And hopefully it will even be useful or awesome!

Today's recommendation is... the World Map Shower Curtain by Saturday Knight Ltd.

Perhaps you agree with me: You need a shower curtain. Perhaps now, you try to take showers, but water gets everywhere, and it's very easy for people to peep on you. Or maybe you are just looking for the perfect decorative-yet-educational accent in your bathroom.

The Saturday Knight Ltd. World Map Shower Curtain is the answer, and more!

Combining the practicality of a shower curtain with the usefulness and awesomeness of a map, this shower curtain might just enable you to be awesome at Jeopardy.

The thing is - and this is the reason I'm recommending it - this isn't just any map. it's a subtly, yet highly political one. This map shows lots of contested principalities and regions - Tibet, Lesotho, etc. - and makes the daring move of making Georgia in the same color as Russia, implying unity. These are subtle, yet daring moves for a map, and unusual ones for a shower curtain map. not that I'm an expert on shower curtain maps, but it certainly seems unusual to me that they would be this political about it.

Why should you care?

It's a fact - Americans are provincial. They rarely use maps and even more rarely study geography. In many places around the world, people think that Americans are characterized by their lack of curiosity about the world. I challenge you to fight this perception!

Even if you disagree with me on the necessity of improving America's international image, or if you are a past winner of the National Geographic Bee, you will certainly agree with me that staring at this brightly-colored, cheerful map as you brush your teeth (or, whatever) will help you learn new stuff, and learning new stuff only has benefits. For instance, you can win bar trivia games, impress friends, and someday even start a blog of your own!

PS: I am in no way affiliated with Saturday Knight, Ltd., and don't know a thing about them that I couldn't find on Google in about 10 seconds. I am getting no sponsorship or anything from them. I just really like this shower curtain. Um, is that weird?

You can buy one here, among other places.

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