Saturday, April 18, 2009

it's been a long cold lonely winter

Good morning, Internet. It's a sunny Saturday as I finish my coffee and think about how next to procrastinate on my mountain of work. No better way than Recommending Things to People, right? I'm really good at it.

I was going to recommend Hiring Me for Summer Work, but that seemed crass. You and I barely know each other, Blogging Audience; who knows if we'd work together well?

So today's recommendation is... going outside and enjoying the extremely rare beautiful weather.

8 months ago, I moved to Bloomington, Indiana, which has pretty awful weather. I was surprised by how completely awful, and varied in its awfulness, the weather is. This town / state / region of the country is pretty unremarkable otherwise. But no. in the past 8 months, I have been hailed upon, tornado sirened-at, flooded, snowed, sleeted, frozen, and forced to exist under a grey, depressing haze of ominous clouds. Granted, I have been told that true natives everywhere complain about the weather. I have also (somewhat condescendingly) been told that "nobody moves to the Midwest for the weather." Well, this may be true, but I still have the right to complain about it. Besides, I went to college in stunningly-beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Of course my weather standards are high.

But today is beautiful. It's warm, but not sweltering and disgusting. It's sunny, but I went outside and didn't get sunburned.

Go get on it. I don't need to say anything else. Get off the Internet and go play.

See you tomorrow, loyal blog readers.


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