Monday, April 20, 2009

be excellent to each other.

i kind of had a whole conceptual recommendation post planned out for tonight, but recent events have curbed that for the time being.

today, i recommend respecting your fellow human beings and treating them with the dignity and respect that they deserve and with which you yourself expect (and rightfully so) to be treated.

the anonymity of the internet, unfortunately, leads some entitled/insecure people to inflate their own egos ignore their own problems by lashing out at others and trying to strike at their vulnerabilities. and, let's just lay down the guidelines here and agree that this is NOT COOL. people say some pretty unforgivable things from behind a keyboard and thousands of miles of wires, and i for one am sick of it.

i refuse to bring myself to the level of these people, but honestly, when you see people wishing for slow and painful deaths, it can be really hard not to give in to the instinct to try to hit them where it hurts also. so instead, i'm just going to take the high road and call them out on their shit. 

i doubt any of the people this post was written about (and they know who they are) read this blog, but on the off-chance that they do: life is so much easier and more pleasant when you don't push everyone else away. i promise. you should try it sometime.

oh, and also, in case anyone who prompted this recommendation is reading: i expect that i will not have to write another entry like this. i mean it.

in the end, apparently we have something to learn from keanu reeves. who knew?


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