Saturday, April 11, 2009

benediction of blog

this is the point in the semester wherein i have more to do than i can comprehend or fully appreciate, much less achieve, finish, get done. therefore, this is also the day i have decided to finally realize my lifelong dreams of being a really famous blogger. i mean, why not? at the moment, it seems significantly easier than that PhD.

you might wonder, just what is it that we'll blog here about? the answer is....stuff. We will blog about things, ideas, concepts, stuff you can buy, works of media, and other things that, due to our superior taste, we think you need in your life.

so let's start this off right.

Today's Recommendation: Coffee. I realize this is not a very radical suggestion, but I hear the best bloggers start off somewhat moderate before they get all radical on you and recommend, like, movies, books, and records. Plus, they might need to finish their coffee before they think about those things; therefore, I thought it was a fine enough place to start.

I'm drinking coffee right now. It is cheaper than gasoline. It both wakes and warms me every day. It allows me to utilize some of the 50+ coffee mugs I inherited from my grandmother.

I know you might be thinking, but i have a heart problem! or, but I'm a Mormon! These are concerns you should leave at the wayside. Being awake, alert, and jittery should more than compensate for any health or moral concerns.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finish drinking this coffee before it gets cold.

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  1. Caffeine gives me migraines. Sometimes, though, I leave that concern at the wayside and drink decaf.


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